Soul Strategies – a masterclass weekend in Bali

3 day masterclass on the beautiful island of Bali

BALI | November 16-18, 2018

Soul Strategies Masterclass

Whether you are a workplace leader concerned with your staff’s wellbeing, or a hardworking team member; workplace stress and striving for work life balance requires increased consideration. Sitting it out to retirement is not an option with the increasing retirement age and cost of living.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures indicate 45 per cent of Australians between the ages of 16 and 85 will experience a mental stress at some time in their life.  Statistics suggest 17 per cent of depression in women and 13 per cent of depression in men can be attributed to workplace strain. Our employment is often laced with high demands and low control contributing to growing unease and the feeling of being time poor.

However, there are also many health benefits associated with working. In fact, work could be seen as a health intervention. No one doubts the benefits of social interaction from being part of a group. And work gives our lives meaning and purpose.

The first step in taking control is to STOP, examine the unhelpful patterns and develop some new skills to keep you in charge. To assist you with this process we have developed three days of total indulgence in beautiful Bali where the environment and the people will support you on your journey.

The Soul Strategies Masterclass is suitable for singles or couples and for work colleagues. You may like to bring your whole team to really make sure there is workplace change.

During our 3 day masterclass you will

  • Nurture for your body and soul through nutritious meals, relaxation and meditation combined with gentle physical activities like yoga and massages.
  • Resolve the authentic you and find your real purpose
  • Indulge in cultural exploration by experiencing Balinese cultural traditions and how they nurture the soul
  • Gain the skills to thrive:
    • Master your competing priorities
    • Communication for leadership and influence
    • Be the authentic YOU
    • Maximise your resources
    • Create people centred workplaces

Our package includes

  • Resort style accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Program associated meals
  • Cultural visits
  • Massages
  • Gentle exercises

$ 2,500 incl GST per person 


If you wish to find out more about how this transformational experience that will prepare you for the year ahead or wish to book your spot for the masterclass please contact Annette or Sandra by calling 08 6143 2180 or enquire.

Upcoming masterclasses

We have two more masterclasses scheduled for next year so if you can’t make the upcoming one please contact us to express your interest for one of the following dates:

18-20 January 2019

This masterclass is designed specifically for Teacher and Educators. 

15-17 February 2019

This masterclass is designed specifically for business women.