Keeping Happy Customers

Many companies spend a lot of time and money into getting customers (acquisition) but not all companies know how to keep customers (retention) and keep them happy. It cost far less to keep a happy customer than to find a new one.

Those organisations that have a good customer retention rate often offer one common denominator – great customer service. The first thing organisations need to do is look within. Engaged and enthusiastic staff that is knowledgeable across all your products and services is your biggest asset. How often do you reach out to an organisation and the staff is either not engaged with you, the customer, or they are not able to provide you with the advise or services you need. It can be frustrating that the customer contact person has no idea as to what they are actually selling – so staff training is key.

Providing a customer with great service is not at hard as you think. It is often the ‘little things’ that matter. Think about things like replying to an email promptly and provide the correct advice, pick up the phone to say thank you in person for being a loyal customer or return their phone calls promptly and keep your customers up to date with changes in your business that they may benefit from or add value to them.

Communication is essential in keeping happy customers. Listen to your customers, make sure you understand what they are asking and then provide a solution.

Our 1 day ‘Keeping Happy Customers’ workshop is designed for anyone who has a direct impact on how customer services are delivered and who can implement change in their business.