School-based Traineeships


School based traineeships combine an employment and training contract with upper school attendance.  The Certificate II or III qualification gained meets the graduation requirements for the WA Certificate of Education.  School Based Traineeships are paid employment based training programs for full time school students 15 years of age and over. Under these arrangements the student is both a full time student and a part time employee with the same employment and training privileges and responsibilities as other trainees.

If you have a casual job, you may be able to incorporate a traineeship and include graduation requirements and a Certificate II qualification.

Traineeships equip young people with evidence of aquired foundation and vocational skills and a nationally recognised qualification.

School based traineeships are always paid employment arrangements.

At Skills Strategies International we offer a range of industry areas including Retail, Business, Government, Live Production Services, Information and Digital Technology and Creative Industries.

Benefits for students:
    1. Practice hands-on learning in the workplace
    2. Make the transition from school to work much easier
    3. Demonstrate your employability to future employers
    4. Make an early start on a career by developing transferable skills
    5. Gain the necessary WACE requirements for a Qualification


Benefits for employers:
    1. Taking on a school-based trainee is a low cost effective way to meet specific needs of the business
    2. Financial assistance is available to help meet the cost of taking on a school based trainee
    3. Contributing to ensuring that industry skill requirements are being addressed
    4. Contributing to the education system
NO COST FOR THIS TRAINING as it is totally funded by Training WA


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