Full-time and Part-time Traineeships


A traineeship is your way of getting qualified while you are working – and you’ll be paid a wage while you’re learning. People in your workplace will work collaboratively with Skills Strategies International to provide training and assessment.  The theoretical content of your training program will be provided by Skills Strategies International using our online learning system. 

Benefits of a traineeship

Traineeships offer benefits including:

  • Suit the learning style of people who learn by doing practical activities
  • You earn while you learn
  • You gain REAL workplace experience together with theory
  • You gain a nationally recognised qualification through a highly commended learning strategy on completion of the training

How a traineeship works

A traineeship is the time spent learning a job (or vocation) under a supervisor. You can do a traineeship in just about any workplace, for example in a shop, a fast food outlet or office and they can be full-time or part-time.

After finishing your traineeship you will gain a minimum qualification at a Certificate II level or higher.

You can start the process of becoming a trainee at any time, provided traineeship specific conditions are met.  This could be:

  • if you’re at school
  • if you’re just out of school
  • if you’re already working
  • if you’re unemployed

As a trainee, you and an employer have a legal agreement called a Training Contract. The contract last for the legnth of your training, and both you and your employer agree you are competent. You’ll learn on-job under your supervisor at your place of work, as well as off-job with a training provider in order to complete your nationally recognised qualification.  In some instances, training may be completely undertaken in your workplace.

There are aslo traineeships available for existing workers in skills shortage areas.

More information on traineeships can be found at the West Australian Apprenticeship Office or the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network of your choice.

Indicative fees for trainees

Fees and charges will be based on the Department of Training and Workforce Development current Fees and Charges Policy in line with Skills Strategies International's recommended training plan. Any changes to the training plan may see an alteration to these fees. Incentives and eligibility are subject to Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Programme. Fees are GST free


Contact us on (08) 6143 2180  or email info@skillstrategies.wa.edu.au for further information.

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