VET in Schools

The VET in Schools programs enable secondary students to undertake a nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification while completing their senior secondary certificate.  Participation in a Certificate II program is not only a graduation requirement for students not embarking on a university pathway, it is a valuable start in the development of workplace skills and engages learers through practical skill development.

VET in Schools programs 
  • Develop industry specific skills;
  • Gain nationally recognised VET qualifications and units of competency while still completing their senior secondary school qualification;
  • Develop employability skills; and
  • Gain an understanding of the world of work which is invaluable experience to assist with planning and pursuing their career pathways

In a partnership (auspice) relationship, the training and assessment is undertaken by experienced and qualified teachers on behalf of  the RTO which issues the qualifications and/or ‘statements of attainment’ and has the responsibility to ensure that the training and assessment meets the standards and the requirements of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

At Skills Strategies International we work in effective partnership with  a focus on high quality, engaging training and assessment.   Our partnerships are characterised by support, meeting learner needs and ensuring quality standards are met.

Auspiced Qualifications 
  • FSK20113 Certificate II Foundation Skills –Skills for Work & Vocational Pathways 
  • CHC10108 Work Preparation (Community Services)
  • BSB10115 Certificate I in Business 
  • BSB20115 Certificate II in Business 
  • BSB30115 Certificate III in Business 
  • BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business 
  • CUA20215 Certificate  II in Creative Industries (now incorportates Live Production)
  • ICT10115 Certificate I Information, Digital Media and Technology 
  • ICT20115 Certificate II Information, Digital Media and Technology  
  • ICT30115 Certificate III Information, Digital Media and Technology
  • SIR10112 Certificate I in Retail  
  • SIR20212 Certificate II in Retail 
  • CHC30213 Certificate III Education Support 
  • SIT20116 Certificate II in Tourism
School based Traineeships
  • BSB20115 Certificate II in Business 
  • PSP20112 Certificate II in Government 
  • CUA20215 Certificate II Creative Industries (Now incorporates Live Production) 
  • ICT20115 Certificate II Information, Digital Media and Technology 
  • SIR10112 Certificate I in Retail 
  • SIR20212 Certificate II in Retail 
  • SIT20116 Certificate II in Tourism 

Contact us on (08) 96143 2180  or email for further information about VET in schools and how to become one of the many schools that have a professional and productive auspicing partnership with us.