In the vocational education and training sector a partnership is an arrangement between a Registered Training Organisationand another organisation such as:

  • an enterprise
  • an industry body
  • a non-registered training organisation
  • another registerred training organisation
  • a professionalassociation[bulleted these points]

for the provision and/or sharing of training and/or assessment services

This allows an organisation that is not registered for training to have the outcomes of their training recognised through partnering with an RTO. A partnership allows organisations to work together for mutual benefit

Skills Strategies International has strong partnerships with a number of organisations including:

  • Public Sector Commission
  • Professional Development Training (PDT)
  • Nationwide Training
  • APL Training
  • Southern Cross Care
  • Silverchain


Contact us on (08) 6143 2180 or email for further information about how we can improve your organisation’s training and development through a strong and beneficial partnership.