Priority Industry Training

 Future skills

Priority Industry Training funded programs, commonly known as PIT funding, is a shared funding agreement between the Department of Training and Workforce Development.  Priority industry qualifications equip students to take up jobs in skilled occupations that are in high demand across Western Australia.  The cost to the learner of completing a PIT funded course will depend upon the units chosen and a formular based on the hours in each unit is applied.

PIT funded courses offered by Skills Strategies International are customised to the learner needs.  Delivery is  blended and a client centred mode is utlised to ensure maximum benefit to the learner.  You will be individually coached to achieve your career goals.

PIT funding is currently available for:

BSB51107 Diploma of Management 

BSB50615 Diploma of Human Resources Management 

SIR50112 Diploma of Retail Management 

BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Management 

Costs to the learner:

A PIT funded course will typically cost the learner between $2000 and $3000 depending on the nominal hours for the unit.  A typical unit would be 50 nominal hours.  This not necessarily the same as the delivery hours.  Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses are currently funded at $5.67 per nominal hour

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