Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching can help you to identify your skill gaps and achieve your goals quickly and effectively. Not only will you take the necessary steps to achieve your goals but you will be empowered and held accountable to the commitments you make. Get the focus to achieve the results you deserve.

Skills Strategies International offers two styles of coaching:

a) Coaching to support the implementation of e-learning 
b) Coaching for those wanting to make career changes or develop their business

Implementing e-learning

If you are implementing e-learning into your organisation and struggling with the skills and support required engage an experienced coach to assist you through the process. Get assistance with:

Planning the change
Change management strategies
Selection of resources and appropriate strategies for implementation
Career coaching

Are you starting a new business? Planning a career change? Wanting to advance in your current role? A career coach can assist you to:

Quickly learn to set and accomplish goals successfully
Empower yourself with the focus and accountability you desperately need
Be challenged and supported in order to obtain your desired results
Learn effective time management techniques ... find 10 extra hours/week