Q. What is a USI?

A USI is a Unique Student Identifier.  It is like your Tax File Number.  It is a Federal Government initiative and RTO’s cannot send certificates if they are not received. Funded programs cannot commence without the USI.

Should you need to apply for a USI, visit  www.usi.gov.au  and apply online in only a couple of minutes.

Q. Do you have payment options?

Most courses have a payment plan or you can pay be credit card. We also have a Pay Smart option https://www.ffapaysmart.com.au/

Q. Do you offer Government funded training?

Training WA and Federal funding is now on a shared basis with the user and there is usually a significant cost still to the learner. This cost can be paid using any of the above payment plans.

Q. What is involved in Blended and E-learning delivery?

Our learning programs are delivered classroom based, online or in the workplace – or application of all three modes which is blended learning.

Because we aim to maximise the application of your learning Most of our courses have a workplace application regardless of whether they are predominantly delivered in the workplace.

All our courses, even those with a predominant e-learning focus are fully supported by an experienced facilitator.

Q. Can I apply for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)?

You will be encouraged to apply for RPL for all of our learning courses.

This can reduce the cost and the time spent in the course.

Be aware that you will need to have evidence available to support your RPL application.

Q. What support is provided by Skills Strategies International to assist me to complete my qualification?

All our courses are fully supported.  You will have a dedicated trainer/facilitator and they will work with you to complete the qualification or course.

Q. I am booked in for a workshop. What do I need to do in advance?

When you complete your electronic enrolment you should receive information on the training venue and any pre-course requirements.

Please email us if you don’t receive any conformation information.

Usually we let you know of any work that has to be post workshop up front. Sometimes workshop activities are based on workplace events and we may ask you to bring those to the workshop.

Q. How much work is to be done in my own time?

This will depend on the course in which you are enrolled. The nominal hours for the course will give you an idea of the total number of hours that is expected.

We generally keep costs to a minimum and maintain flexible time arrangements by reducing the time you spend in formal learning.

We run homework days at a nominal cost for those who want a supported environment to complete course requirements.

Q. How long do I have to complete my qualification?

For workshop based training we generally allow a year for the homework component to be completed. After that time we will stop follow up. Most programs are required to be completed in two years.

Let us know your circumstances and we will work with you to ensure your completion.

Q. I don’t want a qualification but want job skills.

We offer a range of skill based courses that we provide to groups and organisations. If it is in the skill set of our trainers we will design a non-accredited course at a reasonable price to meet the skills gap of your team.

We also specialise in one on one skills coaching and mentoring.

Q. None of your workshop dates suit our requirements.

We will design and deliver workshops at your site or ours at a date that suit your needs.

We will design and deliver workshops at your site or ours at a date that suit your needs.

Q. I have changed my mind, can I get a refund?

Please refer to our refund policy. Generally we don’t give refunds once you have commenced your training.