Custom Training Solutions

Bespoke training Customer led approach

At Skills Strategies International we have been delivering bespoke training to businesses and educational institutions for close to 20 years. Our customer led approach to training and industry specific training solutions has seen us become a preferred and trusted training organisation across Australia. From highly effective online learning, to customised face-to-face training, Skills Strategies International has flexible delivery methods to meet your organisation's needs.

Why customised training

Your organisation is unique, your learners are all different and your training should be too. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and requirements, creating a training program focused on your learning and business objectives as well as the challenges facing your organisation.

Bespoke training 

We offer qualifications and industry relevant professional learning programs that can be customised to your individual learners and business needs. We will work in consultation with you to determine the best approach for your organisation and learners. Our in-house training courses can be delivered on-site at your premises or at our Balcatta  and Mandurah training venue. Have a look at our Training Programs for our wide range of courses.

For more information about our custom training solutions please contact us on (08) 6143 2187 or Enquire.

Examples of bespoke training 


Need A national not-for-profit organisation with a large customer facing workforce was looking for a solution to empower its staff in dealing with difficult customers.
Our solution We developed a “Dealing with difficult people “training program tailored to the specific needs of the organisation’s retail workforce.
Duration ½ day on-site training with tailored role play for 60 staff.


Need A mine site operator was looking for training in a Skill Set for a group of staff that is involved in delivering non accredited training. 
Our solution We conceptualised the TAESS00015 Enterprise Trainer and Assessor Skill Set to suit the business’s requirements and group ability.
Duration 5 day on-site (remote mine-site) group training for 16 staff followed by a trainer led assessment process and 2 consecutive on-site group training session. 


Need An aged care organisation requested a bespoke inbound telephone training solution to assist the conversion of incoming telephone enquiries.
Our solution We developed a highly customised inbound telephone training workshop followed by individual on-the-job coaching in line with quality assurance.
Duration ½ day on-site group training followed by individual on-the-job coaching and a group evaluation session to ensure a smooth implementation process.